Evans EC SD Batter 14 w/Reverse Dot

SKU:  ae00-12049
Manufacturer Part #:  B14ECSRD
  • 14" snare batter drum head made using two plies of film. An outer ply of 7mil and an inner ply of 10mil film
  • Edge Control technology pre-EQs the sound, removing troublesome mid-range overtones that muddy the snare drum's sound
  • The reverse dot is mounted on the underside of the head for extra durability, focus and attack without getting in the way of brushes
  • Also available in a single ply version with the reversed dot and a two-ply version without the reversed dot
  • Exclusive Level 360 Technology collar design ensures proper contact between drum head and drum shell

Manufacturer:   Evans  
Model:   B14ECSRD  


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SKU:  ae00-12049^B14ECSRD
Manufacturer Part #:  B14ECSRD
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