Korg Tuner/Metronome w/Pickup White

SKU:  ae00-11762
Manufacturer Part #:  TM60CWH
The TM60CWH unit consists of a dual function tuner and metronome and includes the CM-200 Contact Microphone. When connected to the TM-60 handheld tuner, the CM-200 microphone will send sound vibrations from your instrument directly to the tuner. By using the tuner together with the contact microphone, you get quick and accurate tuning without any interference from outside sounds. The TM-60 can be placed on a nearby music stand, making it ideal for orchestral or band instruments.

Manufacturer:   Korg  
Model:   TM60CWH  


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SKU:  ae00-11762^TM60CWH
Manufacturer Part #:  TM60CWH
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