Bell Barrier Instrument Bell Cover 12-1/8"

SKU:  ae00-11456
Manufacturer Part #:  BB12.12-G
Introducing the BELL BARRIER, an instrument mask designed to reduce the spread of airborne pathogens from player to areas beyond the bell. We use medical grade polypropylene with an elastic trim to fit snugly over the bell, this patent pending product is 98% acoustically transparent and will improve the safety of players in close proximity to each other from passing airborne particulate matter between them.

The Bell Barrier is manufactured to fit snugly over the bell without stretching. It is important to measure your bell and make sure the you are selecting the correct size.

This size fits most French horns.

Manufacturer:   Bell Barrier  
Model:   BB12.12-G  


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SKU:  ae00-11456^BB12.12-G
Manufacturer Part #:  BB12.12-G
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