As evidenced by its long-standing association with such giants of jazz guitar as George Benson, Pat Metheny and John Scofield, Ibanez has been a constant pioneer in the world of hollow-body guitar building for more than three decades. Part of that legacy includes the Artcore collection, which has succeeded in smashing any and all preconceptions as to what a great hollow or semi-hollow ought to be. The Artcore formula builds on equal parts luthiery know-how, daring design and a passion for a warm, full-bodied tone. The AF75 features a select-grade Linden hollow body, a set-in neck and Walnut fingerboard, all of which contribute to the warm-sounding characteristics of the AF75. Ibanez designed the Classic Elite pickups to give you big, full tone and well-balanced output.

Manufacturer:   Ibanez   
Model:   AF75OLM  

Ibanez AF Artcore Olive Metallic

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